First weigh in…

5.5lbs down!! I’m so pleased, yay! I even managed to scoff loads of philly and crackers and a glass of champers for Michele’s leaving do right before the weigh in, phew!!

So this goes to show that I can still have fun, enjoy myself and not miss out on social occasions and meals etc, as long as I’m 100% on it the rest of the time. I’m enjoying eating healthily, I feel better and my skin is clear for once.

I love how coffee soothes my hunger in the morning 🙂 I feel guilty not eating until I get to work but actually it’s working for me.


I am impatient for my weigh in day tomorrow! I wonder whether I will have lost anything, or not :/ Surely I can’t be more than 10st 1.5lbs! (my starting weight last week). Since I have eaten well apart from the events I had. Hmm. I mainly want to do it to show off to Charlie! Imagine how good it would be to say I lost like 4 lbs in my first week! But that is unlikely. I need to wear leggings and a long light top tomorrow!


I am so full after a banana, 2 big coffees, and 2 boiled eggs. Yay!

Breathe and enjoy the fullness.

This should keep me going a while now. (Edit: it kept me going about an hour & a half, major achievement for me! Then I had my HEB – 16 almonds, yummy).

I have no idea whether I will have lost weight this week or not. I have had 3 big events that haven’t been on plan – Beer Festival, Amy’s leaving meal at Luxor and chorizo risotto lovingly cooked by my housemate. I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at any of these things! But I did always feel slightly guilty doing them.

I achieved going for a run last night! And I will be running home from work tonight too, woop-de-woop. When I get into exercise I really enjoy it! Just hope I can keep it up.

Major breakthroughs

I need to reach an equilibrium with my eating. I can see the same pattern emerging, but I’m so excited that I do feel that this time it’s different. In the past it has consumed my thoughts, day and night, at work and at home, and I constantly search for recipes or think about the next thing I’ll be eating and whether that’s ‘free’ or healthy etc.  In that sense I am doing the same now. My excitement over following a healthy eating plan becomes too much almost. Unsustainable. Because then it crumbles. And I eat everything in sight. I do junk food shops. I get takeaways. It goes on.

But now, I feel as though my dreams of exciting and healthy dishes have been answered. For 2 reasons.

One major thing that I didn’t like before was Frylight – eugh. So chemical-y.

Step 1 on this new journey was discovering supermarket brand spray oil. Any time of oil I like, but in spray form! YAY! My prayers have been answered! No more chemicals. But also, the possibility of cutting down on unnecessary oil. Of course when I reach my ideal weight, I will go back to cooking with oil in normal amounts, because I do believe it’s good for you. But for weight loss purposes, I’m into the spray for supercharged weight loss!

The other major thing-  bigger than the oil spray discovery, it’s the website/blog I have found ‘Slimming Eats’ – written by an intelligent, experimental, genius no less. Her recipes look literally incredible. I feel as though I will never have to go without anything again! She has a replacement for everything.

I can feel it in my bones, this time I will reach my ultimate target!

Back in the game!

Wow, so that didn’t last! Just over a year has passed and I certainly didn’t stick to my promise of losing weight!

The only good thing is that although I didn’t lose weight as such, I was able to enjoy my life and food and not turn into a whale. Just about!

But now I do need to slim down. For real this time!

I’ve just joined Slimming World last Thursday. So far so good, but with a beer festival thrown in (great weekend!), and a meal out with some work friends tomorrow (yum).

As long as I continue to be good and stick to plan in between plans like these, I’ll be on track J It’s the long game that I need to play.

Turmeric veggie soup for lunch today, with 1 chicken breast added (in the entire batch) and a couple small potatoes. Yum and healthy J

Tonight will be chicken curry. I’ve done this recipe before and did enjoy it, but now I’m feeling concerned that it won’t be tasty enough for housemates. It’s no pressure cooking for just Nathan. I guess I could go ahead with it and just warn them and explain the tweaks I could do. Gulp! (Edit: it went down fine, although I won’t feel worried about adding curry paste in future since it’s not actually that bad anyway!)

Monday- healthy. TICK

Tuesday – healthy plus a meal out – Charlie cook sausage casserole (I’ll take my portion for lunch on Friday)

Wednesday – healthy. TICK

Thursday – healthy plus nibbles and champers – weigh in as normal. Get fruit for myself at nibbles.

Friday – healthy then drinks.

I came across an article today about someone who tried drinking bone broth for a week, my favourite part was when she said “Maybe bone broth works as a weight-loss tool because you don’t want to drink it so you just don’t eat anything.” Hehehe.


So I have been out of control, yet again! No exercise since my failed attempts of T25. Some occasional walking but that’s it. Lots of bad food. No kind of meal structure.

I visited my friends at the weekend and they are both very active and organised with their meals, so I’ve been inspired again. So this week I will get back on track with planning proper meals, and doing some occasional exercise. Maybe some running.

I had a medium healthy meal last night (chicken and veg, but with roasted potatoes and gravy!) Nommy. But that kind of meal is fine as long as you are usually eating healthy. So for breakfast I’ve had a banana and a Waitrose ‘berry medley’ fruit pot, YUM. For lunch I’m thinking either soup, or salad pot, or jacket with beans. Then for dinner salmon and salad…..

I went for salad pot and it was AWFUL. So now I’m unsatisfied and wanting to munch again. It’s 14:45, so that means 2 hours of not eating at my desk.  I CAN DO IT! Just concentrate on getting something productive done work wise…….

Oh god, I just sneaked out for a pastry!!! And got caught in the act! I look like some kind of secret eater!

The healthy eating and exercise starts tonight……..

Is exercise bad for me?!

I attempted T25 last night and it was horrific. I couldn’t keep up with the moves properly, ended up following the ‘modifier’ lady, and then didn’t even finish because I thought I was going to be sick! 😦

I started thinking perhaps this harsh exercise isn’t good for me, I mean look at all the people who die from exertion (i.e in marathons, of a brain dysfunction when doing boxercise), but perhaps that’s only bad luck. But it’s happened to three young people I know in my life so far. Horrific.

But then I guess you could get run over by a car or struck by lightening too, and that doesn’t stop us from leaving the house. Although no one I know has died from those things.

I guess I could do something more relaxing, like pilates and yoga, but I don’t have the patience to do that everyday. But mostly because it feels so good – surely it’s not helping me to lose weight and tone up?! But it MUST do, people swear by it! But then I would have bought T25 for nothing!

So as you can see, a conflicted girl.

Maybe I’ll just take T25 easy. Keep at it, but don’t push myself to the point of sickness….. And throw in the odd yoga session too 😀

T-minus 10 weeks!

I am giving myself a 10 week countdown to my target weight… aaand go!

I will do my T25 workout as much as I can, making allowances for when life gets in the way of course.

I was meant to start it last night but was so utterly exhausted I couldn’t even face making a proper meal, let along exercising.

I’m feeling better today though and am motivated to do it tonight!

The bright side of Brexit…

So it turns out Brexit is good for weight loss! In the same way unrequited love and heartache is. There was no way I could eat properly in the aftermath of the realisation that Brexit had happened. It was like a smack in the face. Like finding out your once pure relationship was riddled with cheating and lies. Because that’s exactly what those slimy politicians had done. They had duped the general public.

Of course it wasn’t just the politicians we were angry with – overnight our country had become divided like never before. Graduates against non graduates, young vs old, middle class against the working class. And in our eyes, one of the sad things was is that those ‘working class’ people who voted Leave would feel the negative effects the most. Because in a recession the little guy loses.

Why did I feel so strongly about this, when I haven’t ever felt this strongly about politics before? Because it stole our identity, and what many in my position feel is that it was for all the wrong reasons. Ok I’ve digressed slightly……

On the plus side, I couldn’t eat properly on Bre-day, went to the pub and ranted all night, and didn’t end up eating anything until the next evening. So I rapidly dropped a few pounds!

Back on track with normal eating habits now, but thank you Brexit, from my waistline….

The first supper

This is potentially going to be The Most Boring Blog In The World, Ever. But it’s for motivational purposes and I think documenting my thoughts, feels, eats and moves might just help me on my skinnyminiquest!

D-Day Dinner. The Day I decided it all has to stop – the fast food and chocolates and sweets and general junk and lack of consideration for my intestines that have to pump it all out, or where most of it just gets dissolved into my body to sit as wobbly fat on my spare tyre middle.

The first dinner: (not that I’ve cooked it yet and it’s 8:15pm… I’m not even hungry after eating so much today….. this might turn out to be tomorrrows)

Roasted Salmon & Garlic Parcel, Avocado (I know, fat, but healthy fats), Rocket/babyleaf salad leaves, Spring onions, Cucumber, Red pepper.


Ok, so thinking about it this won’t be a good place for my Food Diary. This blog isn’t going to make me rich and famous as a FOOD DIARY. I do however need to keep one, but I think I’ll keep it as paper based. This will be a place for thoughts and musings and achievements and super amazing recipes I would like to share.